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Artificial Intelligence, robotics and machine-learning, to name a few, are reshaping our world. By using digital technologies, factories are becoming more efficient and less wasteful. Innovation and digital transformation are a source of quality employment and enable vulnerable groups to increase their participation in productive activities. UNIDO facilitates a smooth transformation towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) for countries with different levels of economic development, making the 4IR work for all!


Boosting innovation is integral to a country’s performance. Innovation enhances productivity, which results in higher social welfare. Disparity between countries is often a result of different levels of industrial development and the effective use of technologies. Explore how innovation can further sustainable solutions for inclusive and sustainable industrial development!

Big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, smart factory and many more: take part in the online training courses!

UNIDO launched two online training courses on the 4IR!

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Boosting Innovation! UNIDO’s services to achieve transformative changes

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Making the Fourth Industrial Revolution work in Africa!

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environment: read more!

Explore nature-like and convergent technologies as drivers of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Achieving sustainable growth in Cabo Verde through innovation, knowledge production and technology!

Discover the Knowledge Hub, UNIDO’s platform that promotes innovation, investments and business environments!

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The emergence, deployment and diffusion of new technologies alters the nature of production. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in emerging economies and countries in transition need to compete in a global marketplace and improve their approach to manufacturing. UNIDO provides services that aim to enhance the competitiveness of SMEs!

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New technologies make it difficult to anticipate the future and have major implications for sustainable development. Timely and harmonized standards can play a key role in shaping the digital transformation process, complementing regulations and guaranteeing quality and safety!

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You say you want a revolution? Further research and policy is still needed!

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Fourth Industrial Revolution: how latecomers and laggards can catch up

Fourth Industrial Revolution: how latecomers and laggards can catch up

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The ITP Network facilitates investment and the use of new technologies in developed, developing countries and countries with economies in transition. Discover ITPOs activities but also other fruitful collaboration with UNIDO that helps adopt technologies of the 4IR!

Watch how the ITP Network promotes the use of state-of-the-art technologies towards ISID.

Get to know NextAge, a robot that improves productivity in manufacturing!

Learn about LabDroid Maholo: a robot designed for biological research and development!

ITPO Shanghai is taking actions towards green industrial digitalization!

Watch how ITPO Shanghai promotes the application of new technologies!

Working together to advance ISID through technology and innovation: watch more!

COMFAR: UNIDO’s feasibility analysis that leads to better projects!

Find out how using the “internet of things” mainstreams geothermal energy production in Africa!

Trainings in automation technologies to help local industries: learn more about the 4IR in Uruguay!

Colombian Foreign Direct Investment: watch more about success cases!

To know more about technology and innovation in Colombia’s automotive industry: watch the history!

Responsible investment and sustainable technologies contribute to economic transformation: learn more about it!

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Technology and knowledge-intensive sector: Explore the Colombian automotive Industry

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The Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit (GMIS): Connecting manufacturers, governments, technologists and investors!

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Succesful collaboration to adopt new technologies in Africa: read stories!

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Reducing industrial pollution in the Niger River Basin


Entrepreneurship development and innovation play a key role in achieving economic transformation. Get a glimpse of how UNIDO helps develop skills and empower youth to support the adoption of new technologies.

Watch skills development and virtual reality in Southern Africa!

Promoting entrepreneurship: democratizing the use of new technologies!

Business development and sustainable job creation for youth in Iran’s technology sector: check out the project!

Enabling the digital transformation in Iran: read more about it!

Virtual reality training in Southern Africa


The 4IR is changing the way we live and work with the increased use of artificial intelligence, digitalization and automatization. However, women remain vastly underrepresented in the workforce that invents, develops and disseminates technology. Due to limited access to education and social norms, women often hold routine manufacturing jobs. Conscious of these risks, UNIDO’s programmes aim to harness the opportunities of digital transformation for women’s empowerment.

Learn more about the key role of women in the new digital age!

What if all women had equal access to digital technology and the labor market?

The new digital world requires the full engagement of women and men!

Women executives in building business models: watch the highlights!

Promoting women’s economic empowerment: Initiatives in Europe and Central Asia

What about the gender dimensions in the new digital revolution? Read some of UNIDO’s publications!

Mainstreaming gender in UNIDO’s Cluster Development Programme: read more!

Fostering innovation, gender equality and women empowerment: find out about UNIDO’s work

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How can digital skills nurture social inclusion?

Emerging opportunities for women in the digital age

UNIDO addresses the need for enhanced women’s inclusion in Industry 4.0

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Digital Business Innovations for Women Entrepreneurs and Managers:
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